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Video Marketing Blaster Review – Rank Videos Easily?

If you tried ranking videos on Youtube, then you know how hard it can be. Ranking for big keywords is impossible, and finding keywords that you can easily rank for, and still get traffic, is difficult. In this Video Marketing Blaster review, you will find out whether it’s worth your money or not. There was […]

How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2019

Here’s something to think about: 95% of people that use Pinterest spend time scrolling, looking at posts and wasting time. The other 5% figured out a way how to make money on Pinterest and monetize the MASSIVE user base it has. How To Make Money On Pinterest? The funny thing is, most people don’t know […]

Online Marketing For Musicians With Jaka Bostjancic

​This one should be interesting. I know my audience consists of many musicians who struggle to market themselves online, so it seemed right to write up a post about that for a change. I just jumped off a call with Jaka Bostjancic who is known as Nghtbld (links to his social media and website below) and […]

Clickfunnels Review – After 2 Weeks Of Using It

​Uh, this will be a long post. I was hesistant about posting ​it, as ​I do​n’t only ​mention the features I like, but also the ones I dislike. ​​Here it is, an in-depth Clickfunnels Review with my feedback after 2 weeks of using it. Hope it serves you well, friend! 😉​BTW, you can also check […]

10x Secrets Masterclass Review – Is It Worth It?

​Hi, Jeff here. Today I want to ​review the 10x Secrets Masterclass and discuss whether it’s worth investing in it or not.On a side note, I have actually tried every product that I review. This is not some mainstream bullsh*t website from people who didn’t even try the course. Expect your beliefs to be destroyed in this […]