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Online Marketing For Musicians With Jaka Bostjancic

​This one should be interesting. I know my audience consists of many musicians who struggle to market themselves online, so it seemed right to write up a post about that for a change. I just jumped off a call with Jaka Bostjancic who is known as Nghtbld (links to his social media and website below) and […]

Clickfunnels Review – After 2 Weeks Of Using It

​Uh, this will be a long post. I was hesistant about posting ​it, as ​I do​n’t only ​mention the features I like, but also the ones I dislike. ​​Here it is, an in-depth Clickfunnels Review with my feedback after 2 weeks of using it. Hope it serves you well, friend! 😉​BTW, you can also check […]

10x Secrets Masterclass Review – Is It Worth It?

​Hi, Jeff here. Today I want to ​review the 10x Secrets Masterclass and discuss whether it’s worth investing in it or not.On a side note, I have actually tried every product that I review. This is not some mainstream bullsh*t website from people who didn’t even try the course. Expect your beliefs to be destroyed in this […]

Super Affiliate System Review – My Honest Opinion

​Hey there! Just a quick introduction before we start this review.​I actually went through this course (Super Affiliate System by John Crestani) and I’ll be talking about my own, HONEST opinion of ​it.This is ​NOT some mainstream bullsh*t review from people who barely know what this course​ is. I’m here to give you my REAL feedback […]